“I am a facilitator of the rescue of the Feminine, of Freedom, of being a Woman in joy, in pleasure, with warmth in my heart. It has been a long and hard road to assume myself in my singularity but now I am here for the One who seeks, who wants to rescue her essence, embrace her wounds and assume herself free, full and whole.”

Lots of roses for you!

Gazalla B. Zabek therapist, counselor and educator for women’s well-being, empowerment and balance. With more than 15 years as a facilitator of recreation and rebirth for a new lighter and more beautiful life. Gazalla combines with sensitivity and subtlety the ability to understand the woman who seeks her by unveiling her deepest needs. With intuition, delicacy and a special ability to create a relaxed atmosphere, Gazalla will listen and guide to a greater clarity in life purpose, leading to rediscover her inner strength, natural capacities of balance and regeneration for a later healing. Feminine empowerment, increased awareness of well-being and confidence to fully assume health, beauty and joy of life is sought.

Trained in zootechnical engineering, with a deep love and connection she has deepened various aspects of healing (reiki, floral, natural gynecology, ayurveda, herbalism, colour therapy, feng shui, dance and creativity), combining them and sharing her knowledge in an original and inspiring way. She is the author of the “Love & Roses” card deck – A Feminine Healing Journey. “Gazalla Essentials” is a line of products for body and soul care – that included a line of floral essences “Divine Mother Essences”, channeled and inspired from the energy of the Immaculate Mother and the Roses.

As a creator and therapist Gazalla dedicates herself heart and soul to her work: “To be able to contribute to inspire others, to make them blossom into their radiant essence is simply wonderful!